One Good Room | Web, Hearth, Veil

This warm-up project began a semester-long study on health, medicine, and healing spaces coupled with a study of structural operations. The assignment was to create “one good room” at one of three sites. The Martha Jefferson Medical Center in Charlottesville, VA comes with extensive existing constraints, making it an interesting site to place specific interventions. Its location right in the heart of downtown Charlottesville means it is accessible to many visitors. I chose to split my “room” into three rooms connected by a web. I saw and photographed many spider webs on-site. At different distances from the web, the camera will change its focus on the actual web, the spider, or the landscape behind. This translates into three spaces with varying transparencies: the first, closest to the street-side, is the most enclosed and dense. This leads you up to the roof-level room, which is defined by three walls and a hearth, a possible location for boyscout camping. Walls begin to peel away to reveal an internal frame structure. Taking a path across the roof leads you to a billowing veil, suspended like a sail from a stark frame. At this point, the underlying structure has been revealed and you are in the most private part of the site.

Site Model: wax, plaster, plexi

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Site Model: wire, chip, trace

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One Good Room: Space 1

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