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Living Edge | Venice Unveiled

Venice has historically been and continues to be molded, both geographically and culturally, by its situation at the edge between east and west, Lagoon and land, antiquity and modernity. Routine fluctuations of anthropological [tourism, cargo, transportation] and ecological [hydrologic, atmospheric] inputs and outputs overlap and intersect at the water’s edge. Ashby.Final.1_Page_02

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An intervention extends existing culturally relevant building programs to the shore to both reinforce current relationships and offer new social interaction and environmental discovery.  A light, replicable structure attaches parasitically to this edge as conduit and frame, regulating and facilitating a process-driven connection between people, the natural, and the built environment. This thickened edge buffers harmful ship emissions and encourages fluid accessibility, responding dynamically and symbiotically to ebbs and flows. A system of wind sails not only mitigates the effects of ship emissions through nano-particle filtration, but also contests the cruise ship form and scale. The sails act as a lively interactive wind demonstration: wind energy is generated through the movement of the sails and is stored throughout the day, emitted through a suspended cable wall as an nightly LED light display.

Venice_from boat view

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