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Hurricane House Design

Dripps + Phinney Studio is located in Batesville, Virginia, a rural town with striking views to the Blue Ridge Mountains, consisting mostly of vineyards, rolling hills private homes, and forest. The existing structures are aligned with an existing ridge which, along with a fault line,  places it in the direct path of most storms coming from all directions. This potential danger, coupled with a continual desire to explore the possibilities of parametric design and solve several additional needs for space and drainage attention, has been the grounds for a schematic design for a hurricane house. The premise of this house is that its formal qualities would be derived from the landform and its functional spaces would relate and respond to the existing structures, landscape, views, and microclimates. This site analysis and design iteration explores work-flow between Grasshopper and other more widely-used design tools, including sketching, diagramming, Rhino, group collaboration, research, model-making, and thought.

The published book consolidating our research, designs, and work-flow observations, can be accessed here.

Additionally, the parametric research and site analysis preceding this design iteration can be found on my parametric development page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hurricane render






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