Emily Ashby

Kerava, Finland | Denton, Texas | Charlottesville, VA | Cambridge, MA

 B.S. Architecture, UVA | MArch I Candidate Harvard Graduate School of Design

Hi, I’m Emily Ashby, and I find joy in designing and creating.  I have deep appreciation for food, fashion, art, card-making, music, poetry, landscape, and especially, architecture.

Architecture is designed and experienced personally and communally, and I bring a deep conviction that it should engage the individual and enrich the community on a variety of scales, ranging from a pavilion to a housing complex or infrastructural system. Among broad education and research in diverse perspectives and techniques, I find particular interest in studying typology and form through design.

I experiment with pairing innovative parametric design methodology with tactile analog design processes to develop dynamic design iterations that respond to data-driven and/or implied existing environment and conditions. I hope to design not only in response to current ways of existing and relating, but also to use design as means of reinventing the way we perceive, interact, and relate.

Course Number STU-1201 Fall 2016 Core Studio Instructors Jon Lott Vincent Bandy Elizabeth Christoforetti Eric Howeler John May Maryann Thompson

Work Samples

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